Daniel Caesar: Freudian

Canadian musician and vocalist Daniel Caesar finally blessed us with a full-fledged album, Freudian. Miracles do exist!! Just released, Freudian is a 10-track-long piece of divine music. Caesar, first caught my eye with his EP, Praise Break (2014), with songs like Violet, Pseudo and We’ll always have Paris. And then again when he released Pilgrim’s Paradise (2015), especially with the formidable Death and…

Les playlists pour survivre à la Saint-Valentin en célibataire

Sur Kulture Fokus, découvrez des playlists pour passer la Saint-Valentin en solo! #SaintValentin #SansValentin #SansValentine

Mizuna: From Away From Here – The album and the interview

Today marks the release of the New York duo Mizuna’s first album, “From Away From Here”. For the occasion, I interviewed its members Geneviève Beaudoin and Mackenzie Leighton. So let’s dive deeper into this band and the making of their album. At the beginning of December, I presented to you their first two singles, “Catie”…

Julia Jacklin: “Don’t let the kids win” – Album Review

Julia Jacklin is a singer and a songwriter from Blue Mountains, Australia. And though she definitely does indie-rock songs on her debut album, “Don’t let the kids win”, she cites as her main influences, a very eclectic bunch of musicians like Doris Day, Bjork, The Andrew Sisters and Billy Bragg. “Don’t let the kids win”, she…

AURORA: une jeune prodige

Au gré de mes errances nocturnes sur Youtube, j’ai découvert AURORA. Je dois avouer que j’ai toujours eu beaucoup de mal à être en phase avec la plupart des musiques de mon temps. En la matière, Oasis résume assez bien mon rapport à la musique : « My body feels young but my mind is very old »….