Good Behavior: when Michelle Dockery is bad at being good

Good Behavior is a US TV drama series by Blake Crouch, starring Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery, alongside Juan Diego Botto.

The show follows the life of Letty Raines, thief, con artist and drug addict, after her release from prison. While practicing her talent at a luxury hotel, she stumbles upon a very sensible and dangerous piece of information: a conversation between a hitman and a man who wants his wife gone.

To get further informations to prevent the murder, she decides to dress up and seduce the hitman, Javier, and ends up in his bed. By the next morning, with the information she gathered from his hotel suite, she drives to the women’s house, just minutes before the killer comes to warn her.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t manage to get the target out of the house before the hitman (Juan Diego Botto) arrives. So she decides to protect the wife by sending her to hide and call the authorities.

She then confronts Javier with a machine gun, obtained from the woman. But when the cops’ sirens are nearing, the wife intervenes to ask Letty to leave before they arrive, and start asking her questions she wouldn’t have answers to.

How will this situation unfold?

This 10 episodes-long drama is one of a kind to me. It really captures some of the struggles addicts go through. Letty can’t help her thievery, role playing and dressing up. In fact she loves all of it. Stealing is her escape from drugs, and the shitty reality of her life. She even says at one point that stealing is a high that only drugs can compare.

Javier, on the other hand, is addicted to helping people, and sometimes giving them some sort of “justice” in the process. But his kind of help is not an ordinary one: he is a contract killer.

But this cold-blooded killer is also a loner, estranged from his family. And when his path crosses Letty’s, something unexplainable draws them together. Their somewhat immediate bond is what is most interesting about this show, in addition to their healing abilities towards each other. The chemistry between the two actors is undeniable.

Good Behavior is certainly a show you should check out if you are into dramas, with a thriller twist, and some wits. Topics like relationships, family, addiction and life choices are the main archs in the show.

Furthermore, Michelle Dockery is unrecognizable in this new character. Letty is really far from her portrayal of the prude and safe Mary in Downton Abbey. But both ladies have a certain sense of self and some wit. Even though Letty excels at duping people, mingling with the rich and stealing from them, without never being caught, she can’t fool her mother.

The relationship between Letty and her mother, Estelle, is another important dynamic in the story. Besides the issues concerning the custody of Jacob, Letty’s son, Estelle and her daughter have a rough relationship, filled with rancor and anger. Estelle has full custody of Jacob ever since her daughter was sentenced to jail. So she is very protective of him and doesn’t want Letty around and even got a restraining order against her. While Letty, who tries to make amends, can’t seem to be apologetic enough towards her mother to regain her trust, and eventually some sort of relationship with her son.

Letty’s addictions, failures and wounds are all out in the open, while Javier is very well-tempered, mysterious, and not as talkative as Letty. Who is he really? What motivates him to kill people?

These questions and more will hopefully be all answered by the end of the 10th episode. Let me know down below what you think of Good Behavior, which got renewed for a second season in January.

 Good Behavior TNT 2

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